Our Education Policy

Learn on the Go emerged from the need to learn in these fast-paced busy days of our life. I spend around three hours a day on trains and buses between work, home, and social activities. While reading my book, doing some studies to make use of my commute, I thought learning need to be accessible even easier, it needs to be on the Go.

Some students can’t access learning because they’re busy, they can’t afford a course, others may have different reasons. That’s how we’ve come with the idea of building this learning platform. Wherever you come from, whenever it’s convenient for you, you’re most welcome to join our courses.

Learning Plans:

1.  Our group classes will run free of charge. Yes! You don’t have to pay a penny. However, you have to commit to your learning and we are going to track your achievements. We believe in spreading knowledge and offering support to those who really want it. (This plan is still under construction as we are still working on building the material).

2.  On the other hand, we run small group and one-on-one lessons that can be held in real-time interaction. Those lessons aren’t for free, but the prices are reasonable, which can contribute to our continuous work.

We hope we can do our part in this world in spreading learning and knowledge.


Last modified: Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 4:02 PM