Hello there!

I’m Muhammed Ibrahimoglu, a Turkish-Syrian English instructor with 10 years of experience. I started teaching English in 2010 in my hometown Aleppo, Syria. I taught English for law, archeology, and English as a Foreign Language. In 2014, I moved to Bursa, Turkey, and a year later to my sweet beautiful city Istanbul. Since then, I’ve been teaching English for both academic and general purposes (EGP, EAP/ ESP). I’ve had students from different cultural backgrounds, different ages, and of course different interests.

There’s always something to learn. I’ve been trying to constantly work on my professional development and stay up-to-date with today’s teaching techniques and strategies. Since graduating from the English Language and Literature department, I’ve studied teaching more thoroughly. Now I hold teaching certificates from Cambridge Assessment and other well-known institutions. I’ve learned how to implement technology in teaching and make the utmost use of it to serve our purposes. 

I love teaching children where I can uncover the child in me and set my potentials free. Teaching adults, however, is my cup of tea. Through my experience in teaching different learners using a great variety of materials, I’ve learned how tailoring the lesson can be fun! Yes! The key is to know your students well. Go out there! Meet your students and get to know them! Study with them accordingly! And that’s my recipe.

I like my life. I enjoy listening to nice music, doing sports, and making a good meal. I believe in persistence as the key to achieving your goal no matter how long it takes (it could take you years in some cases). I’ve worked in different fields until I found the one that could light my fire! Education! It’s fun, rewarding, and promising!


Love what you do, and chill!

Yours sincerely.


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