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A course taster is a tester, not a time-waster. Join this course now for FREE. You don't need any enrolment. 

Register and learn what our courses are like. 

It includes: 

pre-intermediate lesson with a video and interactive exercise; 

an intermediate level lesson with reading an article about Forest Schools and some vocabulary exercises; 

an advanced level lesson so you can see if you like how we teach academic articles from the news; 

Studying time: 1 hour per lesson.

Learn the basics of English, from the ABC to writing short sentences and short paragraphs. Start building a solid background for English. 

By the end of this course, I can

  • understand familiar words and basic phrases when people speak slowly; 
  • read and understand simple sentences, notes, posters, etc; 
  • write and speak simple sentences about myself, family, and my home.  

Handle basic everyday conversation with this course. 

By the end of the course, I can

  • understand frequent phrases related to personal information, family, shopping, etc. 
  • understand the general ideas in short, clear, and simple messages; 
  • read and understand simple texts, menus, timetables, etc.; 
  • communicate in simple tasks, in very short social interaction; 
  • write simple short texts like thank you note, simple personal letter. 

Start building your fluency. 

By the end of the course, I can

  • understand the main points in familiar matters when the delivery is clear; 
  • understand texts with mainly common words and phrases; 
  • understand descriptions of feelings; 
  • deal with everyday situations talking about hobbies, family, work, study, etc. ; 
  • connect simple sentences to describe places and situations; 
  • write a simple text about a description of a place, a person, personal interests. 

Boost your English! Feel more confident in speaking English. 

By the end of the course, I can

  • understand the main points of TV programs and podcasts about general interests; 
  • understand the general message of the news
  • understand the general idea of movies in standard dialect; 
  • read and understand articles and reports with short texts; 
  • present my opinion on a variety of general subjects; 
  • talk about the advantages and disadvantages of some topics
  • write a short article expressing a personal opinion and using supporting ideas. 

This course is available at the end of June.

Score 100 in TOEFL.

by the end of the course, you will have: 

  • used the appropriate techniques and strategies to approach TOEFL texts and questions.
  • practiced more than seven full TOEFL tests.
  • learned all that you need to pass the TOEFL with confidence. 
  • had the ability to deal with Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking for TOEFL. 

Course Duration: 8 weeks

Studying Time: 4 hours a week

English Level: B2

Prepare for your SAT exam and get a high grade. This course prepares you for the Reading and Writing of the SAT preparation to get to the exam level then it takes you to actual exam practices to ensure your success.

Start learning Arabic now! This course teaches you the basics of Arabic from the alphabet to basic Arabic conversations and texts. Sign up now and handle everyday Arabic in no time!

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